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CC 5th Form Boys' Bathroom Renovation Campaign

This campaign is being spearheaded by The Clarendon College Alumni Association – Toronto Chapter (CCAA-TO) to raise CA$50,000 which will be used to refurbish and modernize the main boys’ bathroom at Clarendon College.

Male students have been doing their part to bring glory and notoriety to Clarendon College since our institution was founded in the cool hills of Chapelton in 1942. Over many decades, through athletic dominance, strong academic performance, and unmatched resilience, our CC boys have not only brought pride to the school community but have been the pride and joy of Chapelton – a quiet rural community where the love and passion for ‘Cola Blue’ runs deep.
As our boys have risen in prominence, the main bathroom they use on the school campus has steadily declined. The bathroom, which is centrally located on the fifth form block, has fallen into a state of disrepair and is in dire need of renovations. It desperately needs a paint job, there are several broken and missing fixtures, and the facility is not for the faint of heart. It is heartbreaking, and there is no doubt that our boys experience discomfort whenever they have no choice but to use this facility even as they tune out the disrepair, chaos, and unsightly conditions around them.
CCAA-TO refurbished the girls’ bathroom on the same fifth form block a few years ago and to date, we have students approach us with fond reminders of how excited, happy, and proud they were to know that we galvanized the support of CC past students to ensure that they got access to modern bathroom facilities. Even though many of the students who were present at the handover ceremony and at school during that time have moved on to start careers and families, seeing their bathroom go from a state of disrepair to a fresh new upgrade will forever be etched in their memories. Now, in 2022, we feel it is only fair to remodel the gents’ bathroom and to positively impact the current and upcoming students.
We believe that our children are our future, and learning is a well-rounded experience that takes place in many areas outside the classroom – in the cafeteria, on the football field, in the school’s assembly hall and yes, even in bathrooms. We appreciate your kind donation which – no matter the amount – will help us to renovate the main bathroom, and impact the boys of CC who are the men of Jamaica’s future.

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