About Us

Across the Greater Toronto Area, we are united in our commitment to support Clarendon College


Clarendon College Alumni - Toronto

The Clarendon College Alumni Association – Toronto Chapter (CCAA-TO) is a non-profit group formed in 1978. We are one of the many Clarendon College Alumni Chapters based in Jamaica, United States and the UK. Our members are comprised of former students and friends of Clarendon College, Chapelton, Jamaica.
The members of the Toronto Chapter is a group of widely diverse former students, staff and friends of Clarendon College. We encourage lifelong loyal relationships between current, past students and teachers of Clarendon College.
The alumni association meets monthly at various venues throughout the Greater Toronto area to discuss and plan fundraising and social events relating to our mission. Proceeds from these events help the school, students and those newly arrived in Canada.

Our initiatives and activities are carried out as allowed under Canadian national laws – Federal, State, Provincial, and Municipal.  Funds raised will be donated to Clarendon College. Programs, Scholarships, projects and initiatives are managed and supervised by the Alumnus.

— Our Mission

To provide a sense of community for alumnus, friends and supporters that contributes to the outreach efforts of CCAA-TO.
To promote and support the activities and initiatives of CCAA-TO in order to enhance the well-being of current students of Clarendon College, Jamaica.

— Our Vision

CCAA-TO strive to accomplish its goals through various efforts aimed at cultivating and harnessing awareness of the initiatives: activities such as volunteering, staging events, sponsorship, fundraising, donations (in-kind or financial) and projects for Clarendon College.

— Statement of Purpose

We are guided by our commitment to foster a spirit of community globally for Clarendon College through volunteer efforts and support initiatives. The purpose of CCAA-TO is to direct efforts to support Clarendon College so it can continue as an excellent institution of higher learning.



Partnering to build a school where all students are loved, and supported.

Alumni Association membership will provide you with an opportunity to be directly involved with the association and carrying out its mission. Annual membership is a commitment that gives you full membership privileges for one year. Memberships are active for twelve months from the day your payment and membership application are received.
We encourage you to maintain your Alumni Connections that will help you to;
– stay informed with news from Alumni  and Clarendon College
– learn about upcoming social events and meetings
– support alumni fundraising events
– donate to a cause
– support scholarships, bursaries, facilities upkeep and more!
– qualify for nomination to be on the Alumni Executive Board.
– volunteer, provide mentor-ship, e-mentor-ship and more.


Stay Connected

In order to ensure that we have and up-to-date CCAA contact information, please provide us with your current contact details, and share our email and website with other alumni you know.  We encourage you to play a role in maintaining the legacy of Clarendon College by staying CONNECTED!